A la Carte – Food Items

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A la Carte Food Items are available in a variety of sizes. We have items such as Loaded Sweet Potatoes, Vegan Loaf, Brussel Sprout Souffle’ and more.


A la Carte – Food Items:

  1. Avocado Pudding- cocoa powder, figs, avocado, vanilla, almond milk – small $6.50, large $20.00
  1. Strawberry Brownies – Chickpea flour, vegan butter, cane sugar, vanilla, cocoa powder, salt, chocolate chips, baking powder (nuts are optional) – slice (small) $4.50, pan (large) $30.00
  1. Brussel Sprout Soufflé – black beans, sweet potatoes, Brussel sprouts, onion, bell peppers (spicy optional) – small $10.00, large $25.00
  1. Quinoa Salad – Broccoli, quinoa, red peppers, orange peppers, green peppers, onion – small $8.00, large $16.50
  1. Loaded sweet potatoes – Avocado, tomatoes, red onion, olives, sweet potatoes – one large $12.00, tray 35.00
  1. Vegan Loaf – Walnut meat, onions, celery, fresh sage, green peppers – slice (small) $8.00, whole (large) $40.00
  1. Impressive Vegan Spicy Sauce – local $5.00 non-local $8.00 (shipping included)

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Large (pan, whole), Small (slice), Tray

A la Carte - Meals

Avocado Pudding, Brussel Sprout Soufflé, Loaded Sweet Potatoes, Quinoa Salad, Strawberry Brownies, Vegan Loaf